The Return Company Story

The Return Company was founded in 2020 with a simple goal in mind – instead of watching as millions of dollars worth of products are sent to the dump each year, we wanted to reduce waste by making it easier to buy and sell recently returned furniture. Leveraging our professional experience in supply chain management and logistics, we have created a system that benefits consumers, retailers, and the environment.

By reducing the number of touchpoints each return goes through, our digital, end-to-end handling solution reduces the cost of each return by up to 60% while also slashing CO2 emissions. The savings benefit retailers and consumers, while the reduced environmental impact benefits the planet. Everybody wins.

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Yan Liu (Betty)

Founder and CEO

Company founder Yan Liu was inspired to start The Return Company (TRC) by a friend who requested a replacement coffee table. The company sent out a new model…and told her to throw the old one in the trash! The reason? Processing returns was prohibitively expensive for retailers, and it was easier to simply replace the item at a loss.

Yan realized that this outdated method was bad for business and bad for the environment. She teamed up with fellow logistics professionals, data engineers, and entrepreneurs to brainstorm a better way forward, and TRC was the result.

Before forming TRC, Yan spent 22 years with Maersk, specializing in supply chain management and logistics. She also created Tradelens, the world’s largest logistics data platform, and was named a top-100 talent in Denmark's by Berlingske.

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Xin Wang (Cassie)

Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Cassie has a strong belief that everybody has a part to play in making our planet a better place to live. Sustainability is a global challenge and confront the challenge we must all work together.

Cassie is super excited to co-found The Return Company and passionate to establish a sustainable business model to help furniture retailers improve efficiency, create a better consumer experience and reduce waste.

Cassie is a Logistics and supply chain management professional with over 20 years experience across global markets. Having known and worked with Betty Liu for over 20 years, Cassie is keen to bring the best experiences to customers through cutting edge digital experiences offered by TRC.

Our Mission 

The Return Company mission is to improve furniture return logistics by optimizing the supply chain and reselling items locally and sustainably.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which returned furniture is sold locally instead of winding up in a landfill or liquidation center across the country.