"Every Business Starts As An Idea"

The Return Company grew out of the realization that there is a need in the furniture marketplace for a sustainable business model to more effectively connect and financially benefit individual consumers and furniture retailers. A model that also provides a positive contribution to the broader environmental needs of the planet we all share. 

Our Mission

Our mission is enduring, leverage our professional expertise to facilitate and redirect the sale of returned furniture back into local markets. Our purpose as a company and as individuals is to support our customers and partners.

Our Vision 

Our vision is a marketplace of improved retail supply chain logistics that benefit individual consumers and retailers while at the same time promoting and fostering a more sustainable environmental footprint.

Hi, We Are The Return Company...

The Return Company is the brainchild of Betty Liu and Cassie Wang. After several decades of shared global business experience, it was clear that a unique business opportunity existed. Specifically, an "eco-friendly" venture that would meet the interests of consumers, retailers, AND the environment. Plain and simple, The Return Company is built on this principle. The goal is to ensure a positive and beneficial customer experience, maximize the sales and market exposure of our retail partners, all the while helping to preserve the planet for future generations.

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Yan Liu (Betty)

Founder and CEO

A keen supporter of balancing environmental sustainability with global business development, company founder Yan Liu spent 22 years with Maersk, specializing in supply chain management and logistics. She also created Tradelens, the world’s largest logistics data platform, and was named a top-100 talent in Denmark's by Berlingske.

Xin Wang (Cassie)

Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Cassie is a logistics and supply chain management professional with over 20 years experience across global markets. Cassie brings the best experiences to customers through cutting edge digital experiences offered by TRC. 

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Our Core Values


Honesty and

Quality Prices and


“Environmental sustainability is a global challenge.
To confront this challenge we must all work together”

What are you looking for?

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