What’s better than saving money on furniture? Saving money on furniture while reducing unnecessary waste and helping the environment. 

Who says you can’t have it all? By shoring up logistical inefficiencies throughout the industry, TRC provides access to nearly-new furniture returns at amazing discounts.

Every year, millions of dollars worth of returned furniture goes to waste…

When a customer decides to return an almost-new piece of furniture, it typically goes through 10+ points of contact.
20% of returns are damaged during transport
25% wind up in the landfill
Retailers lose money (and pass the cost on to you)

The current process is wasteful, unsustainable, and expensive.

At TRC, our mission is to change that.

We’ve turned an outdated, wasteful system that benefits nobody into a win for consumers, retailers, and the environment.

Leveraging years of professional experience in logistics and freight forwarding, TRC reduces the number of touch points on each return from 10+ to 2-4. This makes the return more efficient, lowers the amount of CO2 emissions, and makes it possible for consumers like you to save big on recently returned furniture in your local community.

There’s a smarter way to shop for furniture online

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