Tired of losing money on furniture returns? TRC makes it easy for retailers to reduce waste and efficiently re-sell open box furniture.

The old way of doing business is costing you money and harming the environment. Discover a better way to move forward with TRC today!

Every year, furniture retailers lose big on wasted inventory…

Returning a piece of furniture can go through 10+ points of contact, costing you up to 30% of the product’s retail value.

Liquidation value can be as low as 10% of the retail price

20% of returns are damaged during transport

25% wind up in the landfill

The current return process is wasteful, unsustainable, and costs you money.

At TRC, our mission is to change that.

Instead of losing money on a wasteful, outdated process, our innovative system makes facilitating returns more efficient, more profitable, and better for the environment.

Leveraging years of professional experience in supply chain management and logistics, TRC provides end-to-end digitized return logistics. Our automated system schedules pick up, arranges inspection/storage, and ultimately provides you with a viable method for quickly selling your recently returned furniture for a good price.

The result of all this? We reduce reverse logistics costs by roughly 60% and triple the resale value of your open box furniture!

Optimize your open box returns with TRC

Cut your logistics costs on returns by up to 60%

Ready to help your open box furniture find a new home? Discover how TRC can triple the expected resale value today.