[Dallas][New] Shallan Accent Chair
[Dallas][New] Shallan Accent Chair

[Dallas][New] Shallan Accent Chair

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The Shallan Accent Chair is Poseidon's gift to the furniture world. Take a seat in this rust orange beauty and you'll feel like a pearl sitting in your own glamorous oyster. Ariel would be jealous.

Conditions and Dimensions
- Other: One leg is 1/4” shorter than the rest causing there to be a slight wobble when sitting in the chair. Purple cushion is included with the chair.
- 34 in x 29 in x 29 in(Width x Depth x Height)

Pick up and Warranty
- This product is only available for pickup at our warehouse in Dallas
- Fulfillment time is 1 business day
- Since the product is sold with a heavy discount, the sale is final. Unfortunately, there is no warranty or return offered
- Customized ID: 28422